Zuiver Afrikaans Water

From identification to evaluatione

Zuiver Afrikaans Water is specifically aimed at schools and small (remote) villages that are located near surface water. Our advisor identifies the projects (would they blend in with existing social structures? Are the people self-reliant?) She carries out field-studies and visits projects, also after implementation. This includes checking on project continuity. Our partner organization (Community Based Organization) provides school children and villagers with basic education on the importance of safe drinking water and hygiene. The water company trains (selected) water managers in the use and maintenance of filtering equipment.

safe drinking water for 7917 adults and children!
thanks to our donors.

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Water filter equipment must be linked to local requirements and technical know-how. The cost of equipment must be competitive in relation to other possible solutions. Partner organization receives a grant towards overhead costs (between 8 and 15%). Selected teachers are trained in the use and maintenance of equipment. Responsibility for project continuity passes to local partner/authorities.