Zuiver Afrikaans Water

2400 pupils get access to clean water

In summer 2015 we installed water filters for 1200 children at Majiya High School, thanks to a donation by sprout growers. There is now a container with safe drinking water in each classroom.

Sibambiseme Primary School was provided with filter equipment thanks to a donation by Kees van der Post and the remainder of Sjaak Langeslag's gift. 675 students started this new school year with clean drinking water.

Our third project was at the Mvutsheni Primary School where we installed water filtering equipment for 525 school children. The Xindao donation was used for this project.

The photos were taken during implementation of the filtering equipment at Mvutsheni Primary School. Photos from other schools will follow soon.

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Flying start in 2016

At the end of January Ndlongulwani High School and Mathibelani Primary School were provided with an efficient water filtering system, thanks to a donation by Stichting Groot Haspels.

Gift Market 2015

Our annual gift market was held on Sunday afternoon, 22 November, at België neighbourhood centre. It was an enjoyable afternoon and raised the princely sum of €1270,-

Rijnja Repro Sponsoring

Rijnja Repro has donated our printed material since the end of 2014. Last summer they printed stickers for the jerrycans that students use for tapping filtered water.