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Zuiver Afrikaans Water

Why Zuiver Afrikaans Water

Almost a billion people have no access to clean and safe drinking water... Every year 2.2 million people world-wide die from diarrhoea as a result of unsafe drinking water and lack of (knowledge concerning) hygiene and sanitary facilities.
Often the same water source is used by people and cattle to drink from and where clothes, for instance, are washed. Not surprisingly, drinking this water greatly endangers your health.

This is why...

...particularly small (often isolated) communities in the South African countryside depend on us for attention and support. Our small-scale multicultural projects ensure that a school or village has access to safe drinking water and a water source is protected. For example, by creating separate washing facilities and a drinking place for cattle. Safe (drinking) water results in better health, more resistence and less sick-leave from work. It is also crucial for starting economic activities such as vegetable gardens.

the access to
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