Zuiver Afrikaans Water

Our funding activities

Attracting new members to the 100 Club: people who donate an annual sum and have been involved with ZAW projects for some time. Sending a newsletter with information about the situation in Africa and about activities starting up there soon. Sale of bottled water via associations. Annual ZAW gift market, when we receive some fine goods donated by Bever and Xindao.
Funding campaigns and annual projects.

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Access to save
drinking water results in less absenteeism at school and work

Additional help

With extra financial support from external partners such as Impulsis and Wilde Ganzen, our project proposals and implementation are simultaneously assessed by these external parties, if necessary improved, and also evaluated.


Zuiver Afrikaans Water is ANBI registered.
(RSIN: 821168903). This means that your gift
(above the fiscal threshold) is tax-deductible.